XmlTvProducer for PHP

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XmlTvProducer for PHP is open source extendable engine to grab tv/radio listings from websites and produce XMLTV output. Data distribution for TV-Browser is included. Primary focus is on Slovak and Czech channels, but the development is open to anybody.

TV-Browser is one of tools to display the XMLTV data. See for details.

Supported channels at this moment:
* STV1 (Jednotka)
* STV2 (Dvojka)
* Markíza
* ČT1
* ČT2
* ČT24
* ČT4 Sport
* Nova
* Prima

Sample data created by XMLTV Producer for PHP:
* TV-Browser data (register http://www.k2s.sk/xmltv/sk and http://www.k2s.sk/xmltv/cz in your TV-Browser installation)
* XMLTV source data (zip - xml)

Visit project development page on sourceforge.net and add requests to project trackers.